Noise at Work Risk Assessment Specialists

Noise at Work Consultancy are based in Worcester in the West Midlands and our company was established in response to an ever-increasing demand for noise exposure testing and evaluation, principally in the Industrial Occupational Health and Safety sector.


Every day, thousands of employees in the UK are exposed to noise at work and all the risks that this occupational noise entails. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is by far the most serious consequence of uncontrolled noise at work and while it is permanent and irreversible, it is also completely preventable.


With the assistance of the Noise at Work Consultancy, you as an employer can create and maintain a safe working environment for your employees where noise exposure is reduced to a safe level and managed effectively. You will therefore comply with the control of ‘Noise at Work Regulations 2005’ and give yourself protection against future compensation claims for noise induced hearing loss. We can help you with a comprehensive noise risk assessment.

Noise at Work Risk Assessment Specialists

Do You Need a Noise at Work Survey?

Noise at Work Risk Assessment Specialists

The following are examples of industries within which our services have been successfully utilised, although the list is not exhaustive:


  • Light to heavy fabrication workshops
  • Foundries and press shops
  • Carpet and other textile manufacturing industries
  • Wood working machine shops
  • Print shops
  • Automotive component manufacturing plants and
  • Warehousing and distribution depots


If you feel that we are able to provide the service and support that you are looking for and would like to consider using our service then we will offer you the following:


  • A thorough and detailed noise survey on your premises to check for excessive exposure to Noise Induced Hearing Loss threats such as Tinnitus*, Ototoxic Chemicals* and foetal disruption during Pregnancy*.
  • Measurement and calculation of daily noise exposure for assessed activities
  • Evaluation of the risk of noise induced hearing loss and other well documented effects
  • A clear, concise and accurate written report stating the current noise related risk to your employees and what you need to do, as an employer, to implement an effective and long term hearing conservation programme.


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